Feeling this and fully agree with these words (taken from Pitchfork)

Both Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” and Kelis’ “Caught Out There” make use of negative space to create tension. In the former, Timbaland’s production leaves pockets of silence to give the tune its infectiously stuttering feel, while the Neptunes’ start-and-stop beat in the latter adds gut-shot color to Kelis’ pack-your-shit invectives. Leave it to post-dubstep whiz kid James Blake to fuse both tunes into a something new and immediately engaging on the title track from his superb CMYK EP.

Kelis’ indiscretion-focused detective work (“Look/ I found her red coat”) gets dismantled, pitch-shifted, and put back together again, while Aaliyah’s sultry nervousness orbits the tune. Meanwhile, Blake crams rhythmic tics and buried effects into the mix, simultaneously getting a woozy groove on while rarely repeating himself. As for those steamy, wheezing tones? That’s Blake inhaling as much music as possible and exhaling big Technicolor plumes, filling the air with his unique, off-kilter sound in the process. Breathe it in.

Big vibes.

Buy the CMYK EP

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