The response to our latest Radio Interview…

What she said –


Thank you, firstly, for coming to the studio yesterday. I have to apologise retrospectively for what I subsequently found out was a less than adequate sound quality coming from the guests’ mic, which it appears is a new problem freshly sprung up to join the others the station is encountering.
I’m afraid, though, that the greater problem I have concerns one of the tracks, by the band 35 Seconds, you asked me to play and which, as I was informed later, contained “offensive” language. The consequence of it having been played on my programme is that I will probably be removed by the station, which has a zero tolerance policy with regards offensive language being broadcast, since this can result in broadcasting licences being revoked in addition to causing offence to listeners 
The responsibility for content is ultimately mine and I normally listen through the complete tracks before I bring in anything to play, I mistakenly assumed that two grown men who have worked long enough in the music business would know that some things can’t be broadcast, especially around lunchtime during school holidays, and would have the sense to pick a track that didn’t have the word “fuck” repeated ad nauseum in it, but I suppose you’re never too old to learn.
I’ll not pretend that my regrets over the situation aren’t almost entirely for myself and the loss of something I enjoy so much even if I’m not great at it, but I do regret very much that a small avenue for many local bands to be given an opportunity to have their music played on air will be closed. . 
Yours sincerely,
Eileen Clarke.”
What we said –
 “Hello Eileen,
Thanks for having us. We’ve done endless radio interviews, and have always been notified prior if there is a problem with swearing. As SCRatch is a Student Union station, broadcasting to Students over the age of 18, and there was no mention of keeping our DJ tracks to a certain specification, we presumed that the track by 35 Seconds (an unsigned local act) had more than a right to some air time.
It is to our shock that you let the track air, with no problem, even praising it once it finished, and then today contact us complaining of the profanity problem.
We apologise for the misunderstanding and hope you can continue with SCRatch.”
Soz Eileen! Giving some love to another Birmingham crew 35 Seconds.

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